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Image by Arkadiusz Radek

"The Dickens walk was fascinating and varied - taking in landmarks from The Old Curiosity Shop to the Inns of Court; the site of the blacking factory where Dickens worked as a child, to his favourite restaurant and theatre. Diane was not only well-informed but very entertaining and I discovered new corners of London, as well as a fresh perspective on more familiar places. Highly recommended"

Clare SychravA

"It was a fascinating two hours and opened up Dickens in such a great way including wonderful facts such as where the Boz nickname came from. Enjoyed every minute!"

Paul McCarroll

"Your Dickens walk was atmospheric, informative and enjoyable. A thousand thanks. We had a rich variety of fun facts, salacious revelations and thoughtful reflections and all in places that either felt Dickensian or really were where the man himself walked, sat, argued and wrote. I loved your crisp, clear, witty delivery. Sign me up for your next one."

Alex Hetherington

"The Scandals of Soho tour was brilliant! It really opened my eyes to the rich history of Soho. I loved that it also included a mixture of modern and older histories of the area with the perfect sprinkling of some gruesome scandals. Di is really knowledgeable and friendly, she made the tour really special and none of us wanted it to end."

Fiona Postans

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