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Specialist Walks

Image by Bruno Martins

Seen all the famous sites? Looking for something a little different?

One of my specialist walks might be just your cup of tea. 

Image by Magda Glazewska


Not sure about modern art? You're not alone. So why not join me on this tour of Tate Modern, one of London's most popular attractions to find out how and why art changed so drastically in the C20th. You'll come face to face with works by Picasso, Mondrian, Warhol and many others. Together we'll explore their meaning and our own responses and finish with a visit to the balcony for one of London's most breathtaking views.



Join me for a fascinating walk through historic Bankside where Shakespeare created and performed his finest work. We'll follow in the Bard's footsteps and track down his favourite drinking hole and walk down cobbled streets to the sites of bear baiting pits and bawdy houses. We'll discover the site of the original Globe theatre and admire the stunning replica Globe on the banks of the River Thames. 


historic pubs of southwark

There's nothing so typically British as our pubs. This tour takes you to the South Bank to explore some of the most historic pubs in London including a rare galleried inn with associations with both Shakespeare and Dickens, a pub featured in a Harry Potter film and a riverside pub that doubled as a bawdy house.

With a couple of drinking stops on the way, why not try a pint of our famous British bitter?




Shhh! Marylebone is one of London’s best kept secrets, tucked away behind the noise and bustle of  Oxford St. Discover elegant Georgian terraces and tranquil squares. Explore an amazing art gallery most Londoners don’t know of, as well as London’s medical district, Harley St, dotted with blue plaques commemorating famous residents from prime ministers to popstars. After the tour enjoy browsing the shops on Marylebone High St. Daunt Books is my favourite!



Feel like slowing down a little and enjoying one of London’s more laid back districts, home to peaceful squares, quirky little museums and the world famous British Museum? Hear about the famous people who lived and worked here including Dickens, George Orwell, Charles Darwin and the infamous group of writers and artists known as “The Bloomsbury Set”. To make your day special why not enjoy afternoon tea in the cosy but classy Bloomsbury Hotel?

Image by Erol Ahmed


Join me as we follow in the footsteps of one of London’s most famous sons, Charles Dickens.

Dickens lived all over London and the city and its people inspired masterpieces such as “Pickwick Papers”, “Oliver Twist” and “A Christmas Carol.” We begin at the site of a factory where twelve year old Dickens worked while his father was in debtor’s prison.  We’ll trace his footsteps along the Strand, Covent Garden and the historic Inns of Court where Dickens worked as a clerk. We finish at the Dickens Museum, the home where author penned some of his greatest works.



Head east with me to explore this ancient district full of fascinating stories and instagrammable historic buildings. Discover the people who called Spitalfields home, from the Romans to refugees from France, Eastern Europe, Ireland and Bangladesh. Hear about  Britain’s most notorious killer, Jack the Ripper who stalked the dark streets here. And finish at the famous market, a great place to shop, eat and drink - the perfect way to round off your Spitalfields experience.



Join me for a walk through London’s dark and bloody history. Learn about the cruel punishments suffered by criminals, traitors and heretics. Discover how some Londoners came to be “resurrected” after their deaths and see one of the most haunted spots in London where (it is said) territorial disputes break out among resident ghosts. With stories of torture, execution and murder, this tour is not suitable for the very young or those of a sensitive nature.

Image by Dario Caputo


Turn off busy Oxford St and discover London’s most colourful district. Throughout its history Soho has been a refuge for artists, eccentrics and outcasts where conventional rules didn’t apply. On this tour you’ll hear about gruesome murders, notorious pub landlords and their famous (and infamous) customers. You’ll also learn how London’s gay community found acceptance and freedom here. Bring comfortable shoes and an open mind and get ready to discover the secrets of Soho.

I also offer all the traditional tours of London, including Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London and much more! CHECK OUT MY "CLASSIC london TOURS" PAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION!

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